Frequently Asked Questions

I'm just starting to run - will I be able to train with you?

Absolutely! Our members run at different speeds, so it is likely someone will be running at your pace. Our coaches also work with our members to alter workouts if need be.

When I show up to one of your workouts, what should I do when I get there?

Introduce yourself and let us know that this is your first workout! Telling the coaches a bit more about your running background will also help them know what will be the best pace and distance for you to run. That's why they're there!

Where does Community Running meet?

When we're outdoors: we meet near the Vassar Street entrance to the MIT Outdoor Track.

When we're indoors: we meet inside the Johnson Athletic Center in the large lobby area (further from Vassar St). 

Do you have a mailing list?

Yes! We use several mailing lists but the main one is called "Runners." When you sign up for a free, trial membership, you should be added.  Our coaches will send out an announcement of each workout the evening before.

Do you have (measured) maps of running routes around Boston (Cambridge, Somerville, Burlington)?

Yes. Please check the resources section for maps of some of our running routes, including routes in Somerville, around Davis Sq. and Tufts, Burlington and other areas.

Can I check out a Community Running workout before joining?

Sure! We encourage everyone to come and give us a try. Like any other club or gym, after participating in 2 workouts we would ask that you join our club and continue training with us.

What is the cost for joining Community Running?

Full-year memberships are $150; half-year memberships are $95. The membership includes our coached workouts and the use of the indoor track during the winter.

How do I pay membership dues?

Please signup via our Wild Apricot page.

I'm visiting from out of town. Can I run with your club?

Absolutely. We like making new friends.

Is there someone at my pace I can run with?

Probably. We don't have an official staff of pacers, but the group of folks who show up usually spans a wide range of paces so you should be able find at least a few people to run with.