River clean-up

Community Runners do more than just running. While many of our members are involved with charitable organizations on their own, they also team up with their Community Running club mates to make a difference in the local area. In fact, volunteering is part of our club's mission and something that differentiate us from other running clubs.

The club impacts the running community by volunteering at road races and track meets, but we also go beyond the running community when members organize river clean up days to help with the upkeep around the Charles river.


A large number of members also volunteer at a busy time of the year: every December (for more than 9 years and counting!) they help homeless families enjoy the Christmas holidays by buying gifts and volunteering at the annual Christmas In the City Party.

Community Running is assigned a homeless shelter list with the names of children in that shelter and their wish lists. We each buy one gift off of each list, but the best part is that we also help setting up the party and delivering the gifts. It's a day full of fun. (For more information about Christmas in the City Party, click here.)


From all reports, club members go into each event with the intention of making a difference in someone else's life but come out feeling that it made a difference in their own life.

If you are interested in participating or have an idea or suggestion, please email volunteer@communityrunning.org. Also, check out our Media section. We have pictures of some of our volunteering activities.