CR Officers

The Board members that keep Community Running running.

President Lindsay Cullen
Treasurer Ben Olding
Members at Large

Reid Allen
Sam Kendall
Marcy Muzykewicz
Nalini Singh

Board of Directors

Section I: Description

Community Running (CR) is run by the Board of Directors, which holds all the authority and responsibility for CR.

Section II: Roles

The office of President and Treasurer, plus a maximum of 10 Members-At-Large, are directly voted in by the Membership per the voting process described in Section IV.

Section III: Limits of Office

There is no time limit on how long a person may serve on the Board of Directors.

No person shall serve as both President and Treasurer simultaneously.

Section IV: Election Procedure

The procedure for calling elections differs slightly if it is initiated by the Board versus initiated by the Membership.


Only those with active CR memberships may vote and/or be nominated.


Anyone with an active CR membership may be nominated, or nominate themselves, for any Board office; all nominations must be seconded. All nominations must be accepted by the person. A person cannot accept nominations to multiple offices.

Nominations open immediately after an election is announced and only close just before voting for that office begins.

Board-initiated Elections

Elections may be called at any time by the President, but not during Dec 15 through Dec 31.

Elections must be announced at least 2 weeks in advance.

Membership-initiated Elections

The Membership can force new elections by a simple majority at consecutive Monday practices; in this case, new elections are considered to be announced immediately following the second successful vote.

Two weeks after elections are announced, during the announcements of a regularly scheduled Monday practice, elections will be held.

Time and Place of Elections

Elections initiated by the Membership can only occur at a regularly-scheduled Monday practice.

Elections initiated by the Board may occur at a regularly-scheduled Monday practice or at the announced Winter Party.

Example 1: the general Membership votes on Jan 1 to call for elections; this passes 60-40. On Jan 8, the Membership again votes to call for elections; this passes 65-35. Elections are considered to have been announced on Jan 8. On Jan 22, elections are held.

Example 2: the entire Board of Directors stands for re-election. The Board announces elections no later than Sat, Jan 1 for the Winter Party tha will occur on Sat, Jan 15, with the announcement that the Board is standing for a re-election affirmation, and anyone wishing to nominate themselves or another should do so now.

Order of Voting

Board officers are elected in the following order: President, Treasurer, and then all Members at Large.

Before moving on to the next moment, a reasonable period of time shall be held for last-minute nominations, seconds, and acceptances.

Voting for President and Treasurer is by simple majority.

If needed, voting for Members at Large uses Single Transferable Voting.