CR Officers

The Board members that keep Community Running running.

President Mike Phillips
Treasurer Ben Olding
Members at Large Jory Folker
Brian Hamill
David Leung
Sam Kendall
Marcy Muzykewicz

Board of Directors

Section I: Description

Community Running (CR) is run by the Board of Directors, which holds all the authority and responsibility for CR.

Section II: Roles

The office of President and Treasurer, plus a maximum of 10 Members-At-Large, are directly voted in by the Membership per the voting process described in Section IV.

Section III: Limits of Office

There is no time limit on how long a person may serve on the Board of Directors.

No person shall serve as both President and Treasurer simultaneously.

Section IV: Election Procedure

The procedure for calling elections differs slightly if it is initiated by the Board versus initiated by the Membership.


Only those with active CR memberships may vote and/or be nominated.


Anyone with an active CR membership may be nominated, or nominate themselves, for any Board office; all nominations must be seconded. All nominations must be accepted by the person. A person cannot accept nominations to multiple offices.

Nominations open immediately after an election is announced and only close just before voting for that office begins.

Board-initiated Elections

Elections may be called at any time by the President, but not during Dec 15 through Dec 31.

Elections must be announced at least 2 weeks in advance.

Membership-initiated Elections

The Membership can force new elections by a simple majority at consecutive Monday practices; in this case, new elections are considered to be announced immediately following the second successful vote.

Two weeks after elections are announced, during the announcements of a regularly scheduled Monday practice, elections will be held.

Time and Place of Elections

Elections initiated by the Membership can only occur at a regularly-scheduled Monday practice.

Elections initiated by the Board may occur at a regularly-scheduled Monday practice or at the announced Winter Party.

Example 1: the general Membership votes on Jan 1 to call for elections; this passes 60-40. On Jan 8, the Membership again votes to call for elections; this passes 65-35. Elections are considered to have been announced on Jan 8. On Jan 22, elections are held.

Example 2: the entire Board of Directors stands for re-election. The Board announces elections no later than Sat, Jan 1 for the Winter Party tha will occur on Sat, Jan 15, with the announcement that the Board is standing for a re-election affirmation, and anyone wishing to nominate themselves or another should do so now.

Order of Voting

Board officers are elected in the following order: President, Treasurer, and then all Members at Large.

Before moving on to the next moment, a reasonable period of time shall be held for last-minute nominations, seconds, and acceptances.

Voting for President and Treasurer is by simple majority.

If needed, voting for Members at Large uses Single Transferable Voting.