Interested in trying out Community Running?  Join us for a workout or two — after two weeks, we ask you to join the club in order to continue to take advantage or our workouts and fun activities.


Membership Types:


Half-year membership
Year Membership
Try Community Running
Join us for a workout or 2

All memberships include:

  • Professional coaching
  • Supported runs
  • Use of indoor track during winter

Other member benefits include:

Social Events

Our coached workouts include:
  • Monday and Wednesday runs, which are coached workouts with our three, experienced coaches.  We go for Mexican food after the Monday workouts and many times for pizza and beer after the Wednesday workouts.
  • Indoor workouts during winter months
  • Long runs, with water support (Charles River and Boston Marathon course): Every Saturday members coordinate to provide water support (financed by the club) for our long runs.  Sometimes we even have candy and chocolate!

Marathon Long Runs

We try to organize “fun runs” once a month. 
These are some of the runs we’ve done in the past:
  • Getting to know Jamaica Plain
  • Getting to know Cambridge
  • Freedom Trail run
  • Trivia run: Coach Brian becomes Pue Masger for the day.

We’ve also had Trail Running and Rock Climbing Runs, a Red Sox Theme Run around Fenway Park, and a Minuteman Oath Run in Arlington.