Mailing List

The short form:

Note: gmail likes to mark messages sent to our lists as spam, so you may want to put in a filter that prevents mail sent to from ever going to your Spam folder.

Read below for more details.

What are the Community Running mailing lists?

Runners is the primary method for communicating information about the club to both club members and anyone who chooses to join the mailing list. You don't have to be a club member to be on the mailing list. We use the mailing list for:

  • Workout, race, and event announcements; things like new events, cancellations, or changes to meeting times or locations.
  • Coordinating water support for our Saturday morning long runs. Check out our workouts page to learn more.
  • Organizing carpools to races and events.
  • Sharing fun and interesting running related information.

Grouprun is for coordinating group runs outside of practice. Members are encourgaed to post what day, time, distance, and pace they're attempting.

Social is our chatty, higher-traffic mailing list. Great for discussing local races or inviting your Community Running friends to parties you're hosting.

Who can join the Community Running mailing lists?

Anybody! That's right, even if you're not a member, you can still join our mailing list and be kept up to date with the latest Commmunity Running news.

Why should I join the Community Running mailing lists?

To stay informed about changes to events and workouts. While we do our best to keep this website up to date, jobs, families, and other commitments often prevent us from getting the lastest information up on the site in a timely manner. Therefore, the runners mailing list is the quickest and easiest way to make announcements. We strongly recommend that everyone who joins CR signs up for the runners mailing list, as that is the best way for us to reach our membership.

The grouprun and social mailing lists are optional -- not everyone's schedule can accomodate our long run workouts, and some people don't wish to receive extra email, so those two lists are opt-in.

Are club members automatically subscribed to the Community Running mailing lists?

No. When you join Community Running, you are not added to the mailing list. We highly recommend that all members subscribe to the 'runners' mailing list. See the top of this page for more info.

I'm not sure I'm comfortable giving out my email address -- will you be sending me spam?

No. Our runners mailing list is low volume. We use an efficient mailing list application that filters spam. Plus we actually have a human being (who also runs) making sure that we don't get any spam (it has been years since a single piece of junk mail has slipped through, and that was because said human being checked the wrong mailbox). Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time too.