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  • There's more to running than just going out and hitting the pavement three or four times a week. A good coach can help you make the most of every workout so you can become a better runner than you ever thought possible. Community Running's coaching staff can support you with:

    • Training advice tailored your own goals, whether you are a beginning runner or have thousands of miles behind you
    • Race preparation workouts appropriate for each week of your training, regardless of your race dates
    • Speed workouts that really do make you faster and tempo runs that help you keep your pace, mile after mile
    • Stretching and injury prevention instruction
    • Sage advice on races that offer free beer and lobsters

    Community Running's coaches have marathons and countless shorter races of experience. No matter what questions you have about training, nutrition, pace, strategy, and tapering, you can count on them for the informed advice that comes from miles of experience.